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Have you solved a family mystery? Brought cousins together? Overcome a brick wall? Building an heir search case? 

Do you need help?

Genealogy Heroes recognizes the heroic acts committed through genealogical research and aims to help genealogists and family history enthusiasts realize their goals. With 14 years of genealogical experience and 20 years of editing experience, Genealogy Heroes offers:

  • Family tree research, from scratch or in support of work already performed
  • Assistance to professional genealogists
  • In-person records retrieval, photography (cemetery, old houses, and buildings)
  • Lineage society applications
  • House histories
  • Heir searches for attorneys or search firms
  • Century farm qualification
  • Living person and adoption searches accepted on a case-by-case basis

  • 28 years experience in French, written and spoken
  • Expertise in difficult handwriting
  • Extensive experience in the Drouin Collection, Legion of Honor archives

Editing by Genealogy Heroes

  • In-depth editing and advisement on books, articles, family charts, and more
  • Quick, "second set of eyes" review of articles, letters, applications, emails, etc.
  • Review of journal submissions, with adherence to house style
  • Fact checking
  • Strong edits delivered in a kind manner

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